Electric no more

Bits and pieces.

Bits and pieces.

I have not had my camera out for months so went down a nearby road to relearn the controls. Lots of downed fencing…thanks to snow plows and neglect. The first four photos are around a field that hasn’t held cattle for several years.

Tangled in the fencing Ross Road, Vernon Bridge mid-April

Tangled in the fencing: Ross Road, Vernon Bridge, mid-April

Knocked over by a plow; Ross Road, Vernon Bridge.

Knocked over by a plow; Ross Road, Vernon Bridge.

End of the line. Vernon Bridge mid-April

End of the line. Ross Road, Vernon Bridge,mid-April

The last one is at the corner of a horse paddock where they intentionally dropped the wires for the winter and will put them back up when they bring the horses back from their winter barn.

A place to park your recycling - Vernon Bridge mid-April

A place to park your recycling – Vernon Bridge mid-April

I’ll be taking a two month break from Wordpress, except for a few pre-scheduled posts about Cuba.  I will also take a break from looking and commenting on other people’s blogs. We’ll be on vacation, attending a graduation, and doing some major downsizing and work around our house.  Thanks to all my followers and friends. I will be back.

iPhriday Phlowers

Forsythia, Forget-me-nots, tulips

Forsythia, Forget-me-nots, tulips

We took a three-week trip through parts of Alberta and British Columbia and came home at the end of May to find that we had hardly missed spring on PEI at all. There were  some daffodils left, along with other spring blooms, and a lawn full of self-seeded forget-me-nots, johnny-jump-ups (Viola tricolor), dandelions, Ajuga, creeping charlie, another creeping blue flower that I’ve never managed to identify, along with a bit of grass. I just mowed around the pretty bits for now.  The winter was so mild that the poorly placed Forsythia bloomed this year too.

Tulips, Euonymous Emerald something or other, forget-me-nots, Dandelions

Tulips, Euonymous Emerald something or other, forget-me-nots, Dandelions and, back left, a Rhododendron that may bloom some year – but not this one!

Tulips, forget-me-nots and some sort of spreading violet.

Tulips, forget-me-nots and some sort of spreading violet. 

Tulips, forget-me-nots and Hosta, angel and peonies-to-be

Tulips, forget-me-nots, Hosta, Box, angels and Peonies-to-be.

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All my photos taken with an iPhone 6 and edited with the Photos app on my iMac.

iPhriday: Spring at Last

Because we are an island, surrounded by cold water from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, spring is always late. Today it was finally warm enough to do some yard work.

First spring flowers

First spring flowers

After spending a couple of hours raking pine needles and cleaning up a flower bed I lay on the grass getting pictures of my heather (Erica carne) and crocuses.

The second flowers of the spring.

The second flowers of the spring.


Someone once remarked about insects on flowers and how that added something special to the photo. I find it’s nearly impossible to take pictures of flowers without getting an insect or two in the shot. And that’s a good thing.

First pollen hunter.

First pollen hunter.

Both Thursday and Friday there were three seals sunning themselves on a spit of land downriver from the bridge. Your can barely see them – one is bigger and lighter than the other two.


High tides these four days have brought some seals up the river - following some sort of food, no doubt.

High tides these four days have brought some seals up the river – following some sort of food, no doubt.

Photos taken with an iPhone 6.

iPhriday was begun by Gray Days and Coffee, who posts here.

I set up this post on iPhriday but couldn’t get the photos off my phone onto my desktop. First world problem….

IPhriday – Low Tide

Looking south

Looking south – the shore is the part that’s reflecting (on the left,) and in front of the trees on the other side. The water is the grungy bit in the middle.  The dark parts are exposed river bed.

There was a storm surge today in Maritime Canada caused by an extreme low pressure system and the fact that we have just had a new moon – when tides are most extreme. There was extensive damage in the Bay of Fundy, but none that I’ve heard of in PEI. The high winds didn’t help.  The converse of the extra-high tide is an extra-low tide, which we noticed around supper time.

Looking North

Looking North – the shore is the part that’s reflecting on the right and the mottled part in the middle. The river is flowing on the left.

Looking North

Looking North from closer to the bridge: the shore and river are more obvious in this photo.

This post is late for the WordPress Photo Challenge of April 1 on the subject of Landscape and you can see other entries here.

Looking west

Looking west – Not so much a photo of the low tide, but you can see a gravel bar on the far side of the river and if you click on the photo to enlarge it you will notice a lone Canada Goose (we think it’s injured) in the river current.

This post is also for the iPhriday challenge begun by Gray Days and Coffee. You can look for other iPhriday participants by searching for the category or the tags.  The three wide photos were taken on an iPhone 6 using Hueless and edited in Lightroom on an iMac and the fourth was taken with the iPhone Camera.


Finally, snow.

It’s been a mild winter. I woke today to the sense that the world was brighter. It was. Snow fell overnight and heavily at times this morning.

Wakeup bright light.

Wakeup bright light.

We have a saying here: “Big snow: little snow; little snow: big snow.”  We were getting big snow(flakes) so, if the saying were true, it wasn’t going to amount to much. It didn’t.  Do you have that saying where you live?


snowflakes, winter, Vernon Bridge, shed, clothesline

Snowflakes, winter, Vernon Bridge, shed, clothesline

Big snowflakes with the open river in the background.


On Monday, the second day of spring, we are forecast to get “little snow” and perhaps our most significant snowfall this ‘winter.’  Stay tuned.

Posted for iPhriday coordinated by the lovely blogger at Gray Days and Coffee.

Confession: I didn’t even leave the house to take these photos with my iPhone 6 using Huemore.

iPhriday with Martha the Maremma

Ice Floes going out with the tide

Ice floes going out with the tide

It looks and feels like November. The temperature has been yo-yo-ing between 10 Celsius (50F) and just below zero (Celsius) for about 10 days. We have very little snow left and ice in our tidal river is moving back and forth with the tides.

I needed some air after editing the photos from my first day of the Photo Workshop I attended in Havana. There was a cold damp wind but Martha the Maremma provided some warm company.  This house is one of the typical styles you will find on Prince Edward Island; the dog was sniffing for wildlife under the porch.

Martha at Foxx House.

Martha at Foxx House.

She was waiting to see if another neighbourhood dog was in the car that had just gone by. It was, and so she was off to socialize with it. I turned and went back home.

Ever vigilant.

Ever vigilant.


Posted for iPhriday, managed and hosted at Gray Days and Coffee by Lisa. Shot on an iPhone 6. The last picture was zoomed before clicking. Don’t do that. It’s a lot sharper if you crop after.

iPhriday Phog (again)

A week ago the temperature swung from -20 Celsius to +10 Celsius in 36 hours.  Result: Fog (Phog)

This first photo looks upriver past our shoreline at the right and includes open water, ice breaking in lines parallel to the shore, and water over ice in the background.


During a real winter the “pond” on the right freezes and pick-up hockey games have been held on it. But the last time I saw one of those was at least 10 years ago.  The pond drains away in spring and all but its bottom is planted with whatever is grown in that field in that summer.  Mr. IDWE in the yellow slicker.


Farm buildings obscured by the weather.




Shot Wednesday, February 17, for iPhriday on Feb 19 with an iPhone 6 and quickly uploaded before I headed to the airport to catch a flight to Cuba.  WordPress was totally uncooperative; the pictures weren’t visible in the media library or in the draft, so I had to abandon the post.  I’m back now and the photos did eventually finish uploading so here it is, one week late.