Manhattan Monday #5

NYC new camera - Cigarette Break

NYC new camera – Cigarette Break

Outside the main branch of the New York Public Library in Manhattan, and around the corner from Bryant Park is this lovely rest area. These two look like tourists….

While I’m travelling, some pre-scheduled one-shot photos.

Manhattan Monday #4

Fan Club

NYC new camera – Fan Club

Outside the back entrance to the main library branch in Manhattan, the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, a crowd of ‘fans’ were waiting for the emergence of some movie star or other who was returning her library books, or doing research or paying a fine. Whatever.

Manhattan Monday

New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Fourth in a series of four paintings about the history of reading outside the entrance to the (closed) Rose Main Reading Room in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building in New York City. The young people seated on the bench could be models for a fifth painting to add to the series.

I’ll be travelling a lot over the next six weeks so I have pre-scheduled some one-shot wonderfuls.