Transfogrify, transmogrify

The word smog is in the middle of transmogrify and fog could be considered as clean smog. And fog sure does change the landscape.

On Friday, as we drove from PEI to Halifax, we ran into lots of fog, including this, on the Tantramar Marsh along the border between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and between the towns of Sackville, NB, and Amherst, NS. It has been several years since we drove that way to Halifax and the windmills were new to me.

Windmills on the Tantramar Marsh

Windmills on the Tantramar Marsh

Taken with an iPhone 6 through the window of a moving car (I was not driving!) and edited in Apple Photos and a ‘Process’ filter added.

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iPhriday – 50th reunion

Last weekend I was at my 50th Cormier High School reunion in Edmundston, New Brunswick. The English class at Cormier had only 21 graduates, 2 of whom are, sadly, deceased.  Of the remaining 19, 14 of us were in attendance at some point during the weekend. Yeah us! Here are a couple pictures I took on Saturday afternoon with my iPhone.

Marg, Barney, Pam, Patti, Jackie

Marg, Bernard, Pam, Patti, Jackie

Pat, Grant, Janice

Pat, Grant, Janice

This group photo of 11 of us, including me, was taken at the same time, but I didn’t take it. And it wasn’t taken with a phone.

 Grade 12 A plus 50 years. Photo by Mr. IDWE

Grade 12 A plus 50 years. Photo by Mr. IDWE: Mike, Jackie, Ellen, Patti, Marg, Janice, Pam, Pat, Grant, ME!, Bernard.

I have discovered that the iPhone is pretty good for duplicating old photos. This one was taken in first grade, and seven of the eight women (old ladies?) in the photo above are in the photo below.  The one who isn’t (in black in the front row)  joined our class before the end of the school year! People didn’t move around much back then!
See if you can match any of us from the photo above.

Grade one snowflakes, Edmundston NB, winter 1954-55. The dresses were made of paper by our mothers.

It is iPhriday- check for other iPhriday entries here.

Footnote: the school closed down shortly after we graduated and was torn down about 20 years ago.

Actaea formerly known as Cimicifuga

Bugbane at NB Botanic Garden

Bugbane at NB Botanical Garden

The very narrow flower spikes of bugbane – to use its common name – are very attractive in mass plantings.

At the New Brunswick Botanical Garden in Edmundston NB this past weekend I noticed two striking stands of them, but couldn’t find a label on either.

Bugbane at NB Botanic Garden

Bugbane at NB Botanical Garden

This link, from a UK newspaper, tells you more about them, why their name has changed and how to grow it.

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iSaturday-Edmundston, NB


The mill.

I’m in my hometown for a family funeral. After driving 7 1/2 hours to get here, I took a brisk walk over the hill in the middle of town and a bit further north to see the two houses I lived in as a child. The ‘featured photo’ in this post (also at the bottom) is of the four-plex I lived in until the age of eleven. The photo above shows the pulp mill from the top of 17th Avenue looking west.

The next two show the city from part way up Conway Street reading from left-the mill again-  but a wider angle

Edmundston panorama left


to right (below.)  The parking lot in the foreground belongs to the hotel. The church on the far right, St. Paul’s United, was beautifully converted to an arts centre and performance space several years ago.

Edmundston panorama right


13-19 22nd Avenue, Edmundston NB Fraser Companies' employee housing build in 1947

13-19 22nd Avenue, Edmundston NB
Fraser Companies’ employee housing build in 1947

50 and 55 years later…

This is an embarrassingly lazy post. We’re having our second iPhriday storm in a row and I decided to work on an indoor project instead of venturing out.

1966 Girls' Basketball Team - Cormier High School, Edmundston NB

1966 Girls’ Basketball Team – Cormier High School, Edmundston NB


In July my high school graduating class is having its 50th reunion. I have contributed a few photos of 1960’s school activities to our reunion Facebook page. My larger project, however, is to find photos of people from my home town in my, and my mother’s, albums.  Her albums date back to the 1930’s.  I plan to give the physical prints to the subjects – or their children – when I am in Edmundston, NB, at the end of July.

For images I want to share now, on Facebook or WordPress, an iPhoto is as sharp as a file scanned by my scanner!

Below  is my graduation picture and one from summer camp in 1961. (Why they are next to each other in my otherwise well-organized album is a mystery.)

Graduation Photo 1966

High School Graduation Photo 1966

This post is for iPhriday and the WordPress Photo Challenge Time

Granddaughter Muse

I bought my Pentax Digital SLR one week after my oldest grandchild was born – which was also about six weeks after I retired.  She turns seven in ten days.  She’s beautiful, artistic, caring, funny and athletic. Happy (early) birthday, Muse.

She’s still my favourite subject when I visit her. Shh, don’t tell the other grandchildren.

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