Manhattan Monday 33 – Not a bridge

There are other bridges to Manhattan Island including the George Washington bridge over the Hudson River at the northern end of Manhattan.  I wasn’t near enough to get any photos of it.

The other way to cross the Hudson, as I’ve done sitting in a Martz Trailways bus from Delaware Water Gap, is through the Lincoln Tunnel. Well, gee, how do you get a photo of a tunnel? You don’t. But you can get a picture of the concept of a tunnel – one that carries huge amounts of traffic every day, and has a reputation.


Waiting to get into the Lincoln Tunnel.

Waiting to get into the Lincoln Tunnel.

You can see the reflection of the bus windows across the sign – but the windows were amazingly clean!

I hope your internet is faster than the Lincoln Tunnel. Mine is not; that’s why I appreciate the sign so much. We don’t have Verizon in Canada.