Copyright and Camera

Unless otherwise stated, all photos posted to my blogs are mine.  If you reblog one of my posts, make sure that you reference the blog from which it came. If you use a single picture, credit me with it: Bunty McCabe and the year the photo was taken.


BuntyMcC self portrait with Pentax K20.

BuntyMcC self portrait with Pentax K20.

My photos are shot with a Pentax K20D bought in 2008 (two weeks after my first grandchild was born).
I use four lenses:
* Often: Tamron — 28-200 mm zoom — 1:3.8-5.6 (which came with my Pentax film camera bought around 2001)
* Often: Pentax FA — 50mm prime lens — 1:1.4
* Rarely: Tamron SP AF — 90mm Macro — 1:2.8
* In cities and crowds: Sigma DC 18-50 mm zoom — 1:2.8-4.5 (which for some strange reason Lightroom thinks is a 70-200mm zoom!)

In September, 2014, I bought a Sony RX100III which is a full frame ‘point and shoot’ with a 24-70mm zoom. I’ve been using it a lot. In fact I have hardly used the Pentax at all since buying the Sony, mostly because I haven’t wanted to carry the Pentax when I’ve been on excursions.

I shoot in RAW and process in Lightroom 5. I have not yet had the time or energy to learn to use Photoshop.

3 comments on “Copyright and Camera

  1. Hey there! Beautiful photos! Always good to meet a fellow Pentaxian which sometimes feels last mohicanlike:) or maybe you do not agree? Do you plan to stick with Pentax? I bought my K20D in 2008 just like you, but it quite often refuses to make the picture (keeps writing or does not focus) these days and that is almost unworkable. Do not want to leave Pentax though…

    • buntymcc says:

      Thanks for the comment and mentioning that you like the photos. I haven’t the funds to switch from Pentax since the camera is working, but would love to get a smaller point and shoot that captures in RAW for travelling. I have had issues with SD cards, and lenses (the Pentax prime fell apart inside, and the Sigma zoom shudders when I zoom but still takes great photos.) I don’t think my photos are as sharp as some of my local colleagues, but then I’ve got fairly cheap glass. I’m happier concentrating on subject, composition, contrast and colour (or B&W.)
      Maybe you need to have your camera looked at by a good camera repair centre.

  2. Isn’t being a Grandma great!! I love it and the special powers that I got with it. 🙂

    Your Tamron 90mm macro lens is a great lens if you bought a good copy of one. It’s super sharp, produces delicious Bokeh, and makes a lovely portrait lens too. I don’t own it, but have used a friends. If I didn’t already have a macro lens I would have that Tamron on my short list.

    I’m enjoying your street work. I don’t do that type of photography very often. It’s way out of my comfort zone.

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