Banff – Bow Falls

Banff, Bow Falls

Banff, Bow Falls

Continuing our western Canada road trip, we spent one night in Banff, Alberta – the developed service centre for Banff National Park –  before continuing our westward journey to British Columbia and the Pacific coast.

The Bow River tumbles over a falls within the town, and so, since we saw the river’s origin below Bow Glacier, it seemed apt to check out how big the flow had grown. You can walk up a path – which you can just see on the left of the first photo – and some steep stairs to look over the falls.

I'm forever chasing rainbows....

I’m forever chasing rainbows….

Turning and looking it the other direction gives you an idea of the town’s beautiful setting.

Banff, Bow Falls

I didn’t take any pictures in Banff that evening. The following morning we had breakfast in the the Juniper (Hotel and) Bistro with its beautiful view of the Vermillion Lakes. It was too cold outside to eat, but not too cold to grab a shot from the patio.

Vermillion Lake from the patio of the Juniper Hotel and Bistro.

Vermillion Lake from the patio of the Juniper Hotel and Bistro.

Since we had not booked ahead I was pleased to get a room at the price we did.  Someone had recommended this hotel, which is just off the Trans Canada Highway and north of the town.

4 comments on “Banff – Bow Falls

  1. Beautiful, Bunty. What a view in that last shot!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Thanks, Elen. The view was great. Up close the lakes were …meh…we walked beside the marsh beside one for a while before going downtown for supper.

  2. It’s gorgeous and has long been on my Bucket List. How wonderful for you to have seen and photographed a rainbow on the fall! 🙂

    • BuntyMcC says:

      If you figure out the right angle, there are rainbows on all the waterfalls, even on fairly cloudy days, such as this one was.

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