What’s in a Room?

The Dining Room

So, what is so unique about this play?

There are a number of interesting elements in A.R. Gurney’s The Dining Room. To start, there are only six actors, three female and three male. Each actor will take on eight or ten roles, fifty five in all. This is fun challenge for an actor and a treat for the audience.

Next, the setting. As the stage notes state, “The play takes place in a dining room – or rather, many dining rooms. The same dining room serves for all”. The play passes through various unrelated scenes which give snapshots of life throughout the 20th century, focusing on the upper-middle-class North American WASP style of living. The play gives a deeply intimate portrayal of this era and of a class that may now have vanished, a style of family life that no longer exists. This was a class that placed great value…

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2 comments on “What’s in a Room?

  1. i always preferred to draw a tree than be a tree…i admire people who can act…8-10 roles would be a lot…i always love live performances…sound like you had fun Bunty! have a happy sunday too 😀

  2. BuntyMcC says:

    I am the producer of this 6-actor play which is being staged in a theatre, 3 houses, an inn and a private club in February. It’s an amateur theatre (no one is paid) with which I have been associated for 20 years. I am reblogging the publicist’s blog on the show. Thanks for looking and commenting Hedy.

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