iPhriday – 50th reunion

Last weekend I was at my 50th Cormier High School reunion in Edmundston, New Brunswick. The English class at Cormier had only 21 graduates, 2 of whom are, sadly, deceased.  Of the remaining 19, 14 of us were in attendance at some point during the weekend. Yeah us! Here are a couple pictures I took on Saturday afternoon with my iPhone.

Marg, Barney, Pam, Patti, Jackie

Marg, Bernard, Pam, Patti, Jackie

Pat, Grant, Janice

Pat, Grant, Janice

This group photo of 11 of us, including me, was taken at the same time, but I didn’t take it. And it wasn’t taken with a phone.

 Grade 12 A plus 50 years. Photo by Mr. IDWE

Grade 12 A plus 50 years. Photo by Mr. IDWE: Mike, Jackie, Ellen, Patti, Marg, Janice, Pam, Pat, Grant, ME!, Bernard.

I have discovered that the iPhone is pretty good for duplicating old photos. This one was taken in first grade, and seven of the eight women (old ladies?) in the photo above are in the photo below.  The one who isn’t (in black in the front row)  joined our class before the end of the school year! People didn’t move around much back then!
See if you can match any of us from the photo above.

Grade one snowflakes, Edmundston NB, winter 1954-55. The dresses were made of paper by our mothers.

It is iPhriday- check for other iPhriday entries here.

Footnote: the school closed down shortly after we graduated and was torn down about 20 years ago.


2 comments on “iPhriday – 50th reunion

  1. The snowflake pic is lovely! I bet you had a great time at the reunion ..

    • BuntyMcC says:

      I did, Julie. There was even attendance by one snowflake who had only been in our first grade class and then transferred elsewhere!

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