Havana Street Art 3

Cuba Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – with my colleague Debbie

All these photos are from my second day (of a one-week photo workshop) in Havana in the Central Havana neighbourhood in February 2016.

Previous street art posts can be seen here and here.

If it’s not obvious, the next picture was taken looking straight down at the edge of a sidewalk where it met the street, and the cigarette butts and dirt and garbage that had collected there.

Cuba Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – For those who don’t read Spanish it says: “Made in Cuba”

Cuba Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – Street name.

Cuba Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – Any Spanish translators reading this?

Cuba Day 2

Cuba Day 2 – I think seats for these chairs got taken into the houses so they a) didn’t get wet, b) didn’t get stolen or c) they could be used inside too(?)Β 


9 comments on “Havana Street Art 3

  1. Na Ceardan says:

    Wonderful views of Cuba Bunty.. πŸ™‚

  2. The chair story in/outside…great captures Bunty! Have a fun weekend ☺️

  3. Such a great thing to do .. I would love to go there. Great pics .. Special chairs πŸ˜„

  4. Love these, especially the first one…the textures, muted colours, the orange pack…wonderful!

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