iPhriday – Drumheller Alberta

Badlands - Drumheller near the Red Deer River.

Badlands – Drumheller near the Red Deer River.

In early May we flew to Calgary, Alberta, rented a car, and drove through parts of Alberta and British Columbia to Vancouver where we dropped off the car.  Our first stop was Drumheller;  the Red Deer River has created a stunning landscape through its valley. Drumheller is also the location of the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Our ‘tour guide’ in Drumheller was my second cousin who recently retired after 34 years at the Museum. One of the places he took us, downriver from the town, was the Star Mine Suspension Bridge on a calm sunny morning.

Red Deer River from Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Drumheller, Alberta

Red Deer River from Star Mine Suspension Bridge, Drumheller, Alberta

After we left Drumheller we drove most of the day but stopped for lunch in Red Deer where the town had organized a fund-raising barbecue for Fort McMurray (Alberta) which was experiencing a devastating fire causing all of its 88,000 residents to become disaster refugees.  (The fire started on May 1; this was May 6, and the fire was still out of control.) This article from MACLEAN’s Magazine, published May 12,  is long but has some stunning photos and graphics to show the extent of the disaster.  Residents were only able to return to Fort Mac starting about 10 days ago.

Fort McMurray fundraiser.

Fort McMurray fundraiser.

While I usually took pictures with my Pentax K5 or my Sony R100/3 I made a point of getting a couple of iPhone photos every day – so I could post to Facebook. I expect to post more photos of this trip soon!

iPhriday begun by Gray Days and Coffee blogger. See other posts here.

6 comments on “iPhriday – Drumheller Alberta

  1. graydaysandcoffee says:

    The landscape sure changes from one part of the river to the next! I hope the Fort McMurry residents are faring alright. How devastating.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      I forgot to mention in the blog that there were fundraisers everywhere in Canada for about two weeks. In addition, any donation made to the Canadian Red Cross was matched by the federal government. Fort Mac was a real ‘community’ and most people want to go back and rebuild their houses – if they lost them – and their city.

      • graydaysandcoffee says:

        It is moving to hear how people work together in hard times. I’m in Midwestern USA and we were getting smoke from up there and from the Minnesota fires. It was eerie to feel the effects of something that was hundreds of miles from us

  2. bythebriny says:

    I’ve been to Drumheller — stunning area. Looking forward to more of your photos from this trip.

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