IPhriday – Low Tide

Looking south

Looking south – the shore is the part that’s reflecting (on the left,) and in front of the trees on the other side. The water is the grungy bit in the middle.  The dark parts are exposed river bed.

There was a storm surge today in Maritime Canada caused by an extreme low pressure system and the fact that we have just had a new moon – when tides are most extreme. There was extensive damage in the Bay of Fundy, but none that I’ve heard of in PEI. The high winds didn’t help.  The converse of the extra-high tide is an extra-low tide, which we noticed around supper time.

Looking North

Looking North – the shore is the part that’s reflecting on the right and the mottled part in the middle. The river is flowing on the left.

Looking North

Looking North from closer to the bridge: the shore and river are more obvious in this photo.

This post is late for the WordPress Photo Challenge of April 1 on the subject of Landscape and you can see other entries here.

Looking west

Looking west – Not so much a photo of the low tide, but you can see a gravel bar on the far side of the river and if you click on the photo to enlarge it you will notice a lone Canada Goose (we think it’s injured) in the river current.

This post is also for the iPhriday challenge begun by Gray Days and Coffee. You can look for other iPhriday participants by searching for the category or the tags.  The three wide photos were taken on an iPhone 6 using Hueless and edited in Lightroom on an iMac and the fourth was taken with the iPhone Camera.


4 comments on “IPhriday – Low Tide

  1. Maggie says:

    The tides are amazing in your area… I have visited a few times. Last summer I witnessed a tidal bore.

  2. Suzy Barker says:

    Lovely photos.

  3. Nice and moody….sets the scene well

  4. Lovely images .. The sky scape is great too 😄

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