iPhriday Lonely Trees

I apologize, in advance, for what I know is going to be crazy formatting of this post; WordPress on this iPhone is terrible.

Looking south past a damaged spruce an on to a small twisted birch on the horizon line.

Looking south past a damaged spruce an on to a small twisted birch on the horizon line.



On Wednesday I walked cross country at the bottom of several fields so I could see the Canada Geese in the Seal River. In previous years the geese have been the Vernon River next to our house. Whether because of our bald eagles, or the grain fields next to the Seal River, or some other reason, they are waiting for spring weather elsewhere. The geese are too skittish to photograph on a wide angle lens, so I concentrated on the trees. Above, in the middle of the horizon line, and in the middle of what was – last year – a large potato field, there is a single scrawny white birch which you can barely see. ย (The photo above and the one below were shot with the Huemore app for iPhone.)

Lonely Birch by the Seal River

Lonely Birch by the Seal River

At the edge of this field, before the land slopes down to the right to the Seal River, a hardy white birch was glowing in the late afternoon sun.

Glowing Birch in late afternoon sun.

Glowing Birch in late afternoon sun.

Backlit birch below shot with Hueless.

5:00 pm backlit white birch

5:00 pm backlit white birch

Today’s “featured image” was shot today – iPhriday – on the Ross Road in Vernon Bridge of yet another solitary birch.

iPhriday was started by Gray Days and Coffee who is taking a break….

13 comments on “iPhriday Lonely Trees

  1. nivs24 says:

    The black and white tree is simply brilliant.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I think the backlit silhouette into a setting sun came out far better on my iPhone using the program Hueless than it would ever have done on my DSLR!

  2. I love the lonely tree with that Sapphire blue sky, and the black and white version with the sun. I do adore lonely tree though…so I’m a bit biased. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week-end!

  3. Naomi says:

    I love lone tree pictures!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Hi Naomi: If you think of it, next time I post from my phone would you let me know if my photos spill all over the page. It seems to happen with landscape format of shots from my iPhone which WordPress can’t seem to shrink (but which they do if they’re posted from my computer.) Thanks for continuing to follow me; I’ve been erratic lately and not following others as much as I should. I should be able to catch up soon.

      • Naomi says:

        I have noticed sometimes that your pictures are really huge – I’ll let you know if I see it happening!
        We all have out erratic times, so no worries there. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • BuntyMcC says:

          Ok, you don’t have to look anymore since you have seen the over-sized photos.Thanks for getting back to me. No one had ever commented on the pictures but they looked huge to me. However it depended on WHERE I looked at them. The “preview” view from the iPhone app does not show you that the photos are off the page. And, even though the size is the same or smaller in pixel width as those I upload from my desktop they only come out huge from the iPhone into the iPhone WordPress app. Maybe I should complain. Ha!

          • Naomi says:

            I will still keep it in mind when looking at the pictures posted from your iphone. I think that’s when your’re getting the bigger pictures.

  4. pix & kardz says:

    i too am a fan of lone tree photos, so these are great. thanks for sharing. i especially love the one of the closer view where the white bark pops against the brilliant blue sky.
    this is incidentally a great candidate for the current weekly photo challenge, ‘landscape’. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Thanks. I was wishing I had my SLR so I could get that glowing white from a different angle, but I like and am glad you are happy with that photo. I haven’t even looked at the weekly photo challenge yet. Sounds like one I can do!

  5. Oh my .. I just love pics of paddocks after they have been mown. I don’t know what it is about them. And that last photo is very special :d

  6. BuntyMcC says:

    I had to look up ‘paddock’ and Wikipedia says:”In New Zealand and Australia, a paddock is a field of grassland of any size, especially for keeping sheep or cattle. It is normally fenced and defined by its natural boundaries, or is otherwise considered distinct.” The fields in these photos were either grain or hay, probably hay (the bare ones had potatoes.) Fields for animals have to be fenced; this one just peters out where the ground gets rough and soggy near the edge of the river. And another rule on PEI is that no field can be cultivated within a certain number of feet of a watercourse which – supposedly- keeps the runoff of chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides) out of the watershed. Fencing around fields where animals are held has to be a similar distance away, or perhaps even further; obviously I don’t farm and don’t have the exact details. Nice to hear from you again Julie. I too like the backlit tree; those backlit photos don’t always work.

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