Finally, snow.

It’s been a mild winter. I woke today to the sense that the world was brighter. It was. Snow fell overnight and heavily at times this morning.

Wakeup bright light.

Wakeup bright light.

We have a saying here: “Big snow: little snow; little snow: big snow.”  We were getting big snow(flakes) so, if the saying were true, it wasn’t going to amount to much. It didn’t.  Do you have that saying where you live?


snowflakes, winter, Vernon Bridge, shed, clothesline

Snowflakes, winter, Vernon Bridge, shed, clothesline

Big snowflakes with the open river in the background.


On Monday, the second day of spring, we are forecast to get “little snow” and perhaps our most significant snowfall this ‘winter.’  Stay tuned.

Posted for iPhriday coordinated by the lovely blogger at Gray Days and Coffee.

Confession: I didn’t even leave the house to take these photos with my iPhone 6 using Huemore.


13 comments on “Finally, snow.

  1. Just lovely. I already miss winter!!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Oh, I like winter, just not in late March or April. I do wish we had ‘proper’ springs here on the east coast instead of winter to summer over a weekend.

  2. Beautiful! (but I am glad it is more springlike here now…)

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Ah, yes, spring in Europe. I would love it if we had ‘proper’ springs here. Instead it seems we have winter and then that summer comes over a weekend.

  3. I can’t imagine it snowing in spring in Auckland. But it doesn’t snow in winter either. Lovely pics .. What is huemore?

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Huemore is an inexpensive alternative camera for an iPhone. It does some alternate colour filtering when you take the photo, but what I like is that you can shoot in different formats whereas the iPhone camera app just gives you square, panoramic (which I never use) and 2×3.It’s companion app is Hueless which shoots in black and white.

  4. Soft and lovely. (As long as it doesn’t stick around, eh?)

  5. BuntyMcC says:

    Hold tight for the Nor’easter on Monday!

  6. I had not heard that saying before, Bunty, but I like it. Also…. gorgeous.

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