Havana Balcony iPhone Photos

The Rooms Across the Street

The Rooms Across the Street – Shot with Hueless on iPhone 6

I took very few pictures with my iPhone when in Cuba because I had two other cameras with me and was indeed there for a Havana Photo Workshop.  One morning I used the iPhone from the balcony to take some early morning shots.

From the Balcony

Shot in Huemore on iPhone 6. It look several attempts before getting someone exactly between the columns.

Taxi Line on Calle Neptuno

Taxi Line on Calle Neptune – Shot in Huemore on iPhone 6 and the ‘Transfer’ filter added in Photos editor.

Rather than stop at a Taxi stand, like the bicycle rickshaws are doing in last week’s iPhriday post, the taxis cruise in a set loop until hailed, when they pull over and pick up a fare, or drop one off.

Published for iPhriday.


9 comments on “Havana Balcony iPhone Photos

  1. I’m amazed by two things…they have enough gas to continue driving around the loop, and they can get parts for those classic, and beautiful cars!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Ah, but they cannot get parts. That is why my collection of photos includes several of repair people hanging out from under or inside cars. They make do. They probably cannibalize cars that can no longer be coaxed to run. And we saw three or four refineries just driving between Varadero and Havana so they obviously are getting oil from somewhere….

  2. Great iphotos! 🙂

  3. Greats shots .. Love the last one. How was the workshop? What a great thing to do 😃

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