iPhriday with Martha the Maremma

Ice Floes going out with the tide

Ice floes going out with the tide

It looks and feels like November. The temperature has been yo-yo-ing between 10 Celsius (50F) and just below zero (Celsius) for about 10 days. We have very little snow left and ice in our tidal river is moving back and forth with the tides.

I needed some air after editing the photos from my first day of the Photo Workshop I attended in Havana. There was a cold damp wind but Martha the Maremma provided some warm company.  This house is one of the typical styles you will find on Prince Edward Island; the dog was sniffing for wildlife under the porch.

Martha at Foxx House.

Martha at Foxx House.

She was waiting to see if another neighbourhood dog was in the car that had just gone by. It was, and so she was off to socialize with it. I turned and went back home.

Ever vigilant.

Ever vigilant.


Posted for iPhriday, managed and hosted at Gray Days and Coffee by Lisa. Shot on an iPhone 6. The last picture was zoomed before clicking. Don’t do that. It’s a lot sharper if you crop after.


11 comments on “iPhriday with Martha the Maremma

  1. How exciting, a photo workshop in Havana .. I bet that was amazing!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Stay tuned for the results. It was mostly a street photography workshop with no touristy visits except to a couple of tobacco-growing farms and to a Cuban Rumba music venue. We stayed in a B&B in the heart of Havana.

  2. Nice to have company on a walk 😄

  3. I agree about the zooming. It’s too bad they can’t perfect that! How cool you were in Havana!

  4. pix & kardz says:

    oh wow, a photo workshop in Havana! that must have been quite an adventure.
    loved the mood of these photos. and i know what you mean about cropping later rather than zooming beforehand. but even so, the mood of that photo is perfect, so the softer edges work.
    looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      The trip was great: not too hot, good accommodations and food, lots to shoot. Cubans are lovely people and quite willing to be photographed! Now that I have culled down to a manageable number I have to start editing. THEN I will start posting. Thanks for your great comments.

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