iPhriday Phog (again)

A week ago the temperature swung from -20 Celsius to +10 Celsius in 36 hours.  Result: Fog (Phog)

This first photo looks upriver past our shoreline at the right and includes open water, ice breaking in lines parallel to the shore, and water over ice in the background.


During a real winter the “pond” on the right freezes and pick-up hockey games have been held on it. But the last time I saw one of those was at least 10 years ago.  The pond drains away in spring and all but its bottom is planted with whatever is grown in that field in that summer.  Mr. IDWE in the yellow slicker.


Farm buildings obscured by the weather.




Shot Wednesday, February 17, for iPhriday on Feb 19 with an iPhone 6 and quickly uploaded before I headed to the airport to catch a flight to Cuba.  WordPress was totally uncooperative; the pictures weren’t visible in the media library or in the draft, so I had to abandon the post.  I’m back now and the photos did eventually finish uploading so here it is, one week late.


10 comments on “iPhriday Phog (again)

  1. What an extreme temperature change in such short time!!! Nice photo’s, beautiful these ice cracks. Have a nice weekend!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Thank you Noortje. This has been a mild February. Some record highs have been set as well as a record for that temperature swing. The ice always seems to crack in those long rectangles – some aspect of ice physics I do not understand.

      I gave your online coordinates to the other woman in my Havana Photo Workshop since she loves macro photography.

  2. Love the first image … I can feel the cold! How good are these iPhones?

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Hi Julie. You know the saying that the best camera is the one you have with you! Even a point-and-shoot can be awkward in stores or on the street. I had disliked all of my Android phones over the years and had decided to finally get data on my phone so I splurged on the iPhone 6 – the 6s had an even better camera but it is too big to fit in a pants pocket. For iPhriday I just go for a walk from the house and find something to shoot!

  3. These are moody and beautiful. I love the patterns in the ice, and the road shot.

  4. pix & kardz says:

    wow, that’s quite a shift in temperatures! and i find the patterns in the cracked ice ‘cool’, pardon the pun. love the mood here. our winter has been incredibly mild here on the west coast.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      The ice breakup pattern is an interesting scientific question. Long rectangles seem to be the norm both on our tidal river and in the Northumberland Strait when it used to freeze over more completely. Our winter has also been blessedly mild and snow free compared to the last two!

  5. The first photo really catches my attention. The breaking ice is something!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      It’s also fun to watch the ice chunks float in and out under the bridge as the tide changes. Like Pooh Sticks without the sticks.

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