Optimistic Chipmunk

Chipmunk debut

Chipmunk debut

On April 9 of last year – 2015 – this chipmunk emerged – probably from our garden shed – optimistic about spring. The stand for the weather vane on which the chipmunk is sitting is a meter (3 feet and some) off the ground and the snow is the cumulative result of two months of blizzards and storms.

This post is dedicated to all those in the eastern USA who were snowed under and snowed in this weekend.  I am thankful that the storm went offshore before it reached PEI.

Boundless optimism from other WordPress folks can be found here.

Photo taken from inside the house with a Pentax K20D and a 200 (300 equivalent) mm Tamron lens at 1/90 sec at f/13 andISO 200.

13 comments on “Optimistic Chipmunk

  1. keeping warm and safe inside seems like a good option – for the Chipmunk too I would have thought!

  2. I’m glad it missed PEI, too, Bunty. Fun shot!

  3. nivs24 says:

    Awesome shot! it is like a scene from the movie Ice Age!

  4. He’s so cute!! Nice optimistic entry 🙂

  5. Wonderful shot .. Loads of snow! So pleased your area was missed ..

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