The lobster that ate cars

This mural is on the side of Timothy’s Coffee in Charlottetown PEI – not to be confused with Tim’s, (Tim Hortons) a Canadian institution.



The cars are parked in the lot next to the mural – just in case anyone thought they were part of the painting….

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8 comments on “The lobster that ate cars

  1. Wow that is amazing … love the colours

  2. MuralForm says:

    This is very unique, great artist.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      You can get postcards of the mural inside the shop, free, I believe if you eat there. I’ve never checked out who the artist is; but I should.

  3. Bunty, I read that post headliner quickly and thought it said Cats! I kept looking at the picture to figure where exactly the cats were! Then I looked at the header again, OH Cars! I’m off to get another cup of coffee, my eyes must still be asleep!

  4. Love it! That title rocks.

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