Starlings in Snow

Early in the new year, I wandered out to our mud room, aka side entry, to put some recycling in the bin, and was greeted with this.

Starlings in Snow

Starlings in Snow

I ran to grab my new camera, then had to go back to put a memory card in it (sheesh!)

Starlings in Snow

Starlings in Snow

It was snowing and the starlings didn’t stay long after I started taking pictures. Two minutes elapsed between the first and last.

Starlings in Snow

Starlings in Snow

Photos taken with a Pentax K3, and a Tamron 28-200 zoom lens. The one of just the birds and the wire at 200mmm, the others between 53 and 75 mm. Handheld at various settings.


27 comments on “Starlings in Snow

  1. Don’t you love how birds pick one spot and all flock to it? It always amazes me!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Several types of birds, including starlings and swallows, snowbirds (juncos) and swifts do travel in large flocks. Other types only swarm when migrating. Others form smaller flocks – around me those include American goldfinch, Hungarian partridge, wild pigeons and Canada geese – though we have seen the geese arrive and leave the open water in the river near us in the thousands. The starlings and swallows around here are usually near barns – so these birds were a bit lost!

  2. Super shot! I often wonder why they always face the same direction.

  3. Cool shot with the BW contrast. They always look cold to me. Brrrr

  4. BuntyMcC says:

    They were cold, or at least damp. It hasn’t been too cold here yet but it was snowing and blowing a bit that day. I marvel how they can survive our winters; I couldn’t if I lived permanently outside.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful shots! I love to watch starlings as the dance through the air.

  6. Candia says:

    Happy 2016. Glad you managed to capture the image…

    • BuntyMcC says:

      And a happy new year to you too Candia. If I had gone back for the tripod, which would have made the picture sharper, I’d have missed it!

  7. Great shots! I love starlings, and I see many here too, but never in a row on a wire. Beautiful and funny sight 🙂

  8. Bunty do you also speak French?

  9. Je, my phone always wants to correct stuff! Wants to call you Bounty too!!!! Ugh!

  10. I always think of Hitchcock’s film The Birds when I see birds gathered like that. Verra nice shots, Bunty!

  11. Great shots .. Glad you grabbed that camera 😀

  12. ❤️❤️❤️

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