Yesterday I walked two of my grands to school: CEMB is 7 and in grade 2, CCAB is 5 and in Senior Kindergarten. Full disclosure: because they were up and had had breakfast and got themselves dressed quickly, I had them out the door an hour too early.  I didn’t notice this until I realized there was no one else around in the fog. 

CEMB insisted we keep going rather than go back home. So we took our time, played I SPY, took pictures, found a ball in a ditch and played catch and soccer, and made  the rounds of the school playground equipment (twice.) 

I took the more scenic, still-foggy route home.

Gray Days and Coffee is hosting a regular iPhriday exhibit here.  Check out what others posted this week.

Photos from an iPhone 6, two edited in Waterlogue, the others in “Photos.”


5 comments on “iPhriday

  1. love these! And I love the edits! I’m so glad you are joining us!

  2. Lovely! I like that app or what you did with the Waterlogue app. I need to upgrade my phone. My camera isn’t nearly as good as the latest models.

  3. Fun photos and I LOVE how the Waterlogue edits turned out.

  4. dunelight says:

    I bought a watercolor app and I’ve yet to use it. I like how the bottom shot came out.

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