Manhattan Monday 28 – Harlem 4

I don’t suppose I’ve ever mentioned that one of my favourite TV shows is Blue Bloods. Although the show is set in Brooklyn and at 1 Police Plaza (where we got completely turned around on another day in NYC) I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Seen in Harlem next to a NYPD post.

Seen in Harlem next to a NYPD post.

I couldn’t resist this one either – taken two minutes before the police station.

Seen in Harlem.

Seen in Harlem.


7 comments on “Manhattan Monday 28 – Harlem 4

  1. I like the motto on the crusty mailbox. “Protect your Magic”. 🙂 I haven’t seen any episode of Blue Bloods, and I like cop shows!

    I have a photographer friend who lives in NYC that photographs the Gilbert and Sullivan Players. He used to sing and perform with the company too. I bet you two would have lots in common.

  2. Now that is what I call a mailbox!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Maybe the terminology is different in NZ? It’s where you post a letter or parcel. We used to have ones like that in Canada (in red) but most have been replaced with a slightly smaller, squared-off design.

  3. You have a great eye (and I love the ‘eye’ in the photo) — wonderful street photos!

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