#5 Café 

We had our furnace replaced on Thursday and the smell of oil emanating from the work in the basement was enough to put one off eating.

So, for lunch, we headed to a new restaurant, 35 minutes away, in Murray Harbour (PEI).

#5 Café is located in a former Presbyterian church and, despite being extensively renovated, (the kitchen is in the altar…) they retained the wooden wainscotting and ceiling, pews around the outside walls, and the minister’s chair at the head of a long table.  

The food was excellent, they also bake and sell bread, desserts, and a line of jams and chutneys (in the cupboard in the first photo.)

The bathrooms are in the former choir room and the reading material in them is appropriate.  Laugh-out-loud appropriate. (Hint: Click on the photo to enlarge it and read the subtitle on the book on the right.)

 We will return. For the food.

4 comments on “#5 Café 

  1. Carol Rock says:

    Want to go there

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