Electrical Grid – PEI

Our North American electrical supply is often referred to as “the grid”. (As in, if you are living purely off the land, you are usually “off the grid.”) Is it called “the grid” on other continents?

There are places where electrical wires are buried. Not on PEI. So, when we have heavy winds accompanied by heavy rain, freezing rain (thankfully infrequent) or snow, the electrical system often fails at its weakest link. Which is often an elderly telephone pole – or several poles in a row.

Young pole

Young pole

Middle aged pole

Middle aged pole

Very old pole

Very old pole

These photos were taken in April 2014 when I was bored with winter and the surrounding landscape. I also shot mailboxes that day.

The photo challenge issued LAST Friday by WordPress was Grid. You can see other submissions at this link.

5 comments on “Electrical Grid – PEI

  1. I like the take on the theme. We lived in China and I am not sure if they called it the grid…. hmm something to find out. Many poorer people live ‘off the grid’ there and not by choice. Funny how some people choose to live that way and others wish they had all those comforts..

    • BuntyMcC says:

      The closest I’ve come to being off the grid was camping – and I wasn’t very good at it. It takes preparation and practice, and fortitude. When we lose power in winter storms we have set water aside and – fortunately – have a wood furnace. Thanks for reading.

  2. lauramacky says:

    Yup, single phase transformer there. I can’t even imagine being off the grid. Our world as we know it would completely go away.

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