Foggy San Francisco

Be patient dear reader. I have a new smartphone (all right, an iPhone 6) and am using new-to-me apps (Hueless and Snapseed, not to mention the WordPress mobile app) and experimenting with Waterlogue. 

We woke on Saturday to fog and the sound of chainsaws taking down a tree in the local schoolyard.


   This church was snapped through the car window on the way to Hyde Pier.  
  Inside the cargo hold of the the 1886 square-rigger BALCLUTHA at the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park.  
  Looking towards a foggy Golden Gate Bridge from the deck of the BALCLUTHA. 
Also in response to the WP photo challenge, Monochromatic.

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3 comments on “Foggy San Francisco

  1. Happy app playing !

  2. Wow .. Just fantastic! I have the iPhone and just love it. Waterlogue you say, must check it out! Great shots ..

  3. Ah. Learning curve. Learning curve! Love the Waterlogue app.

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