Burger Love, Postscript

Apple and grape. Who knew?

Sadly, not the Cabbage Patch.

The results are in and:

The winning burger was called THE CABBAGE PATCH from The Home Place restaurant in the town of Kensington.

6 oz burger with “barbonaise” (house made bbq sauce & mayonnaise), cream cheese pesto, grilled pear, beer braised red cabbage, red onion & bacon, kettle chips, poppy seed onion bun & potato wedges

“When the aprons were hung and the grills were turned off, 65,068 POUNDS OF BEEF was (sic) used to sell the amazing burger creations that Islanders enjoyed throughout the month of April!” (Quoted from Burger Love’s Facebook page.)

145,527 burgers were sold over 30 days in April which translates to 4,850 burgers a day.

On April 25 a Guinness World Record was set when in a 24 hour period, 9,037 BURGERS were sold.

More details on the results can be found here.


6 comments on “Burger Love, Postscript

  1. After reading your various burger posts, I finally (!) went for a burger today. It took some time to find a willing eating companion … in this case, a 4-year old who insisted she would only eat fries for lunch!!

  2. BuntyMcC says:

    what fun! lunch with a four-year old! lucky you. sadly, my grands all live hours away.

  3. Naomi says:

    Wow, that’s impressive. And, that winning burger sounds good. I might have to make a trip over to PEI in April next year just to have myself one on those burgers. 🙂

  4. Barbonaise? Okay. Totally stealing that word. LOL The grilled pear. Yum. That was quite a burger fest. Thanks for the dining sacrifices you made to bring us this reportage. 😉 Loved it.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Elen, you’re welcome. It was a tough month, but I got through it; it will be September before I want to order another burger.

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