Burger Meh

Too much of a good thing is sometimes too much.

Three Burger Love burgers in five days was too much. Most are designed to be quite rich and I almost quit my pursuit of burger excellence ten days before the end of the month.

Before my birthday we went out for dinner to The Pilot House where we had their MISO HUNGRY whose highlights were an expertly broiled burger, very crispy bacon (pork belly!) and Asian pickles. It was certainly the best value for money for the month. The $3 sides were of excellent quality and size (a green salad and sweet potato fries.)  The meat was grilled to perfection and the bacon was crisp. The bottom of the bun, however, dissolved in a puddle. I gave it an 8.

Crispy sweet potato fries and the soggy bottom of the hamburger.

Crispy sweet potato fries and the soggy bottom of the hamburger. Pilot House Miso Hungry.

Worst photo of a hamburger ever.   Pilot House Miso Hungry.

Worst photo of a hamburger ever. Pilot House Miso Hungry.









We ended up going to Charlottetown during the day of my birthday, and decided to try Smitty’s The Beefcake. It wins the prize as the most photogenic burger, but it was my least favourite (rated a 2) of the nine I ate. There was far too much of the advertised ‘Chipotle Mango BBQ Sauce’ which overwhelmed every other flavour with its smokiness.  And there were large chunks of raw red onion which I disliked. My favourite part was the pickled bean on the top.  (Photo of me by Mr.)

Smitty's smoke bomb.

Smitty’s smoke bomb.

67th birthday burger - Smitty's

67th birthday burger – Smitty’s


The day after my birthday I was in town again and tried the burger at one of my favourite Charlottetown eateries, Terre Rouge. [Click on the link to the restaurant; the photos are stunning!] The owner was cleaning the tables and so I asked him how Burger Love had affected business (the place was full). He said that between March 31 and April 1, business had doubled.

The Terre Rouge offering was called the O.G. BACON & CHEESE:  8oz. Island Beef Brisket, Crispy Guanciale, Roasted Garlic & Thyme Ketchup, Spicy Beer Mustard, Sweet Fennel Relish, Smoked Shallot Mayo, and Chili Gouda on a Potato Poppy Seed Bun, garnished with a Parmesan & Parsley Crusted Dill Pickle – the beef was excellent but I find 8 oz to be too much burger. The flavours blended well, the coating on the pickle was delicious and the cheese was nippy to just the right degree. I rated it a 9.

Terre Rouge inside

Terre Rouge inside


O.G. BACON & CHEESE Terre Rouge Outside


5 comments on “Burger Meh

  1. That’s a lot of burger. We ate at the Pilot House when we visited PEI. I’m sure I had fish. 😉 I’m all burgered out now. lol

  2. lovetotrav says:

    Burger Love has really taken off this year now that I no longer live in PEI 😦 I can’t believe how popular it has become. Seems from FB (which I am not usually on) that everyone has eaten a lot of burgers and are maybe somewhat burgered out. What a great idea however to support the local businesses.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      The first Friday in April at 5:15 (early for the dinner crowd) we couldn’t find a table anywhere in Charlottetown where they were paticipating in Burger Love. Mind you, it was the first decent weekend weather wise since December, but still….

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