Crowds at The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Before you can enter Buddhist temples and Thai Palaces, you must be appropriately dressed.  That means no shorts for men or women.   The tour group below doesn’t seem to have been very well prepared because many seem to have visited the same shop to continue their tour.


Bangkok Palace and Temple


This crowd photo below explains why we didn’t stay very long at the Grand Palace. That, and the heat. I notice from the photos’  metadata that all my pictures from this palace visit were taken within an hour!

Bangkok Palace and Temple

Nonetheless, I managed to get a lot of people-less photos.

I wanted to capture these workers, who appeared to be repairing plaster on the underside of a roof overhang. No safety equipment except the shirt, which reads, “this is my lucky shirt.”

"This is my lucky shirt"

“This is my lucky shirt”

More detail from the Grand Palace in the previous and the next post.

One comment on “Crowds at The Grand Palace, Bangkok

  1. Jean says:

    I haven’t been to Thailand or to Asia for that matter, yet. Yes, I know and I’m over half a century old. I am 100% Canadian. 🙂 Anyone can see from my blog how much I showcase Canada and …know it.

    Great photos.

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