PEI Burger Love

For the fifth year, restaurants in this province are participating in a burger promotion for the entire month of April. Sixty of them. Sixty restaurants serving sixty different over-the-top burgers. You’d have to have two per day to try them all.

It’s a good promotion, meant to support beef farmers and provide customers to eateries at a time when business is slow. (Some restaurants survive only because of the tourist trade which lasts from June to October.) Even some chains, like Pizza Delight and Smitty’s have added a burger to their standard fare, but the hamburger chains don’t participate.  Some places that never serve burgers, have one for Burger Love.

Many Islanders make a real effort to eat as many of them as they can.  You can go to the PEI Burger Love web site and rate the ones you’ve tried.  The winning burger and restaurant get a lot of extra publicity out of it.


Phinley's Diner 2015

Last year I had four. This year I had my first on April 1 (no fools’ joke) at Phinley’s Diner, the restaurant that won in 2013. Meh. 3/10. Cold bun, overwhelming sauce, boring beef.  Saving 2 and 1 for a terrible one. Don’t think they have a 0/10.

Sucker punch in the flesh.

Sucker punch in the flesh.

The burger is called Sucker Punch (compare promo poster with the real thing), and you get your dessert with the burger, the gum-filled sucker which has been shoved in the top to hold the burger together. Extras on toothpicks are a standard item on a burger love burger.

Can anyone tell me what language is on this sucker wrapper?

Can anyone tell me what language is on this sucker wrapper?

Yesterday at lunch at Cedar’s Eatery I split their Shawarma Burger and a side of Fattouch salad with my partner. More like an 8/10, it included shawarma spice-infused beef AND chicken shawarma with pickled turnip on the toothpick.  Sorry no photos.

There are favourites emerging on Facebook already!  Like this one from Piatto Pizzeria and Enotica: 7oz. Island Beef Infused with Soppressata Salami and House Seasoning, Bacon Onion Jam, Maple Goat Cheese, Jalapeno Roasted Garlic Aioli, Smoked Caciocavallo Cheese, Baby Arugula, and Hot Banana Peppers on a Ciabatta Bun seasoned with olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt and Grana Padano, and garnished with a Soppressata Salami Wrapped Pepperoncini Pepper.  Is your mouth watering yet?

I’ll probably post one or two more burger love updates during April….

PS Photos taken with my iPad and edited a bit in Lightroom.

11 comments on “PEI Burger Love

  1. I LOVE burgers and am quite discriminating 🙂 Fun post!

  2. Sounds like my kind of food festival … although admittedly, I wouldn’t be able to eat a burger everyday, and so I’d have to do some research.
    P/s It looks like Greek on the Chupa Chups wrapper. Or it could be Russian, as they use a similar script. Does either resonate?

    • BuntyMcC says:

      It’s not Greek, I’d have recognized that. Could be Russian… People share likes and dislikes on social media and of course you can read the descriptions on the PEI Burger Love web site and decide what you can and cannot face. e.g. one had two 8 oz patties, and one has ice cream sandwiches for the bun….I won’t be trying either of those.

  3. The Shawarma Burger sounds delicious! I look forward to hearing about your other burger discoveries. Cheers.

  4. Oh! Yum! What’s not to LOVE?

  5. BuntyMcC says:

    What’s not to love? I didn’t mention the prices: $11.95 for the first one, $14.95 for the Shawarma.

  6. LOL .. don’t much like the look of the sucker punch held together with the Chupa Chup. And yes you sure do have my mouth watering!

  7. paulvreeland says:

    Keep this post growing. We’ll want a full rundown of all the candidates. Love your reviews.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      I have to figure out how to get pictures off my phone first…but yes, I do intend to do another post soon. I’ve had five burgers and (shhh) my favourite so far was the Downtown Deli.

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