Community Theatre Festival

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting much is that I’ve been taking photos for various theatre productions.  Every year Prince Edward Island stages a Community Theatre Festival, organized and underwritten by ACT (a community theatre.)

This year there were five plays, and every one of them was based on an original script written by Islanders.

First up were The Tracadie Players, from the village of Tracadie, with a farce called Betsy’s Diner, written  by Gary Gaudet.  They had staged this play earlier within Tracadie to raise money for various projects.

Betsy's Diner, patrons, chef and a rude waitress.

Betsy’s Diner, patrons, chef and a rude waitress.

Second on the bill was a two-hander by Melissa Heald called A Man of Two Minds.

Jennifer and Alex after the party.

Jennifer and Alex after the party.

The third presentation was by the MIʼKMAQ HERITAGE ACTORS who performed a series of Mi’kmaq Legends
developed for the stage by Julie and Richard Pellissier-Lush.

Mi’kmaq Legends-8484

The fourth play was being workshopped by its author and director, both students at the University of Prince Edward Island: respectively Kassinda Bulger and Courtney Starkman – also left to right in the photo. The play was about two cadavers having a chat in a morgue, and was called Small Talk.

Kassinda and Courtney

Kassinda and Courtney

Finally, ACT itself staged a play that had been written in 10 hours last November by Benton Hartley and Cameron MacDonald for ACT’s “Plays in a Day” (aka 24-hour plays.) The same director and actors reprised the show, called The Belarusian Orange Grove, for the theatre festival. The directions which had been given to the authors were to use the two suitcases as props and make the colour orange a prominent part of the play.

Family members feud over who can get one of the orange suitcases opened first.

Family members feud over who can get one of the orange suitcases opened first.

Support community theatre. It’s amazingly good.


4 comments on “Community Theatre Festival

  1. What a wonderful experience ! I agree with you. Getting involved with theatre is incredibly rewarding on several levels.

  2. Naomi says:

    There seems to be a lot of theater going on over there!

  3. BuntyMcC says:

    One large and three small professional theatres in summer time. One women’s semi-pro and one children’s theatre just started. Community theatre in at least 6 small communities and a few churches. ACT (a community theatre), with which I am involved, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary next month. Fandango in Summerside does big musicals about once a year. The university offers a minor in theatre studies, and the two Charlottetown high schools do musicals in alternate years. Yup. A lot!

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