Birds in Blizzard

Pine Siskins, left and Redpoll, right, fight for feeding rights.

Pine Siskins, left and Redpoll, right, fight for feeding rights.

On Monday last we had a blizzard on Prince Edward Island with over 80cm (32 inches) of snow in Charlottetown, 20 km (12 miles) away, and winds over 100km/hr (60 miles/hr). We lost power for 17 hours and part of that time I was entertained by birds at our feeders, some of which we would not normally see. I’ve just finished processing them and will post a few more bird photos later this week.

For this week’s photo challenge on the rule of thirds (and bokeh) I picked one of birds fighting at a niger seed feeder. More entries to the WordPress photo challenge are here.

12 comments on “Birds in Blizzard

  1. Jo says:

    Oh well, this is just stunning.

  2. I really like this.


  3. seeker says:

    Thank you for feeding the birds. I hope you guys are all right. In Vancouver, we have no winter.

  4. Really lovely picture of the birds.

  5. You bird posts have been fabu. PEI has been taking a whuppin’. I see the images in the news and just can’t imagine.

  6. BuntyMcC says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback on the birds. Alas the geese have all gone (somewhere with un-snow-covered food) or been eaten by the bald eagles. The snow banks are so deep that when I went out in the (shovelled) yard with new snowshoes today I had a hard time finding a bank low enough so I could climb up and onto the snow. This too shall pass.

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