Black and White Geese on Ice

Canada Geese-7793

Click on the photo for a larger version!

A little while back I posted photos of ‘our’ flock of Canada Geese taking off for the day. This is one I hadn’t posted. Unfortunately we’ve had too much snow for the geese to find food so all but about 20 of them have flown on (to Toronto?) or much further south.

This photo was converted to black and white, and I added a bit of split toning in Lightroom: highlight hue 62 (beige?), saturation 13; shadow hue 188 (blue-green), saturation 22. I added the black corners because the photo looked old-fashioned.

Ben Rowe of Aperture 64 challenged me to post a black and white photo per day for five days and to challenge five other bloggers to do the same. (Yeah, chain letters for bloggers…) My first response was here.


4 comments on “Black and White Geese on Ice

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Your photos are stunning!

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Thanks. I don’t usually mess around with all the bells and whistles of post-production software, but I was really pleased with this one.

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