Harness Racing: Racing


In a post during the summer, I mentioned how important the harness racing “industry” is on Prince Edward Island.

It was so cold on the day the PEI Photo Club visited the Charlottetown Driving Park that I only managed to stay outside for two races. In the photo above you can’t see the horses’ hooves because there was so much snow in the infield.

In between races we visited a barn (see my previous post.)

There were sulkies of various sizes and colours stored outside.


Horses race twice around the oval for a total of a mile. I think I was told that this track is a little longer than a mile. The first photo was after the first circuit, the second across the back stretch of the second circuit and the third as they were approaching the final stretch.





4 comments on “Harness Racing: Racing

  1. So interesting! I had no idea that harness racing went on in the wintertime.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      This was the last race card, or the second-last. And I don’t think they race the cream of the crop during winter. It’s all about making money for the Atlantic Lottery Corporation on the betting – and extra money for the smaller stables. What blew me away was that the building – where there is a restaurant, a fast food outlet, the betting cages and the casino – was PACKED. Couldn’t get a seat anywhere.

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