Painterly Weeds

Doon weed-7396

The weed shown above grows on the roadside of Route 20 (Autoroute Jean Lesage) from Riviere du Loup to Montreal and again on the 401 in Ontario from the Quebec border to the outskirts of Toronto. Obviously an invasive, and from a quick Google search, I would say it is Phragmites australis or some other species of Phragmites.

There’s an article here on its invasiveness in Ontario.

But does it ever make for some nice photographs. With a bit of tweaking (clarity, and more contrast) in Lightroom these photos look like paintings.

Doon weed-7416

Doon weed-7417

As with the two previous posts, these were all taken in the Doon Creek Natural Area in southwest Kitchener.

For the next photo, a repeat of the previous one, I used an “old polar” preset in Lightroom but also upped the whites and highlights because it had been a dull dark day.

Doon weed-7417-2

And for this one I used the Antique preset and also added contrast and increased the highlights.

Doon weed-7419


2 comments on “Painterly Weeds

  1. Tina Schell says:

    So much fun using post processing effects to create different feelings for photos. The light in your early shots is quite lovely. Well done.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Thanks, Tina. I’m always torn between over-using, or over-brightening photos versus leaving them, more or less, truthful to the light in which they were shot.

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