Canada Geese Morning Commute

Morning Geese-7799

Before the geese leave for the day, there is much stretching, wing flapping, walking around, and forming groups.  The photo above is of the west bank of the river.  The geese share the open water with ducks: mergansers, golden eyes, mallards and black ducks.   The photo below is of the upper end of the open water. You can see, by the line of greenish brown, where they spent the night!

Morning Geese-7822


On this morning, they were taking off towards the north.  This gang looks like they’re walking to church in Vernon River.

Morning Geese-7824



This group headed briefly towards me, then turned north to follow those who had already left.

Morning Geese-7831


You can check out yesterday’s post which has photos of geese in the air and which talks a bit more about the habits of this flock of about 3000.


3 comments on “Canada Geese Morning Commute

  1. They’re delightful !

  2. pix & kardz says:

    do love those Canada geese! 🙂

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