Victorian Christmas Market

Rain, rain, go away.

Rain, rain, go away.

After the tremendous success of a late summer “Farm Day in the City” in downtown Charlottetown, there was a valiant attempt made to hold a Christmas market on Richmond Street, which is also known as Victoria Row.  Called Victoria Row because of the late Victorian brick buildings along one side of the street, it is closed to vehicle traffic for about three months every summer and for occasions like this market.  There were  women dressed in Victorian costumes carrying very un-Victorian umbrellas.

Charlottetown Victoria Row


Unfortunately it rained. All day. And well into the evening.  But the children didn’t seem to mind, especially when eyeing Santa from a distance.


Charlottetown Victoria Row

Charlottetown Victoria Row

Charlottetown Victoria Row


There was musical entertainment while I was there, and more scheduled for duration of the market.  I adore trombone music so I really enjoyed this ensemble. This covered band stand is used all summer by various talented musical groups, most of them students of various ages; the musicians entertain diners and the collection of restaurants housed in the ground floor spaces along Victoria Row.

Charlottetown Victoria Row

I hope they try the market again next year, but with snow instead of rain.


3 comments on “Victorian Christmas Market

  1. I love the ‘enchantment’ in the young ones’ expressions.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      Enchanted? The boy in blue, yes. But I watched the girl in pink with the yellow umbrella for some time and would describe her look as thoughtful with overtones of “there is no way I am going to sit on that man’s knee.”

  2. The gaze of a photographer, perhaps, waiting for the right moment.

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