Charlottetown Lights

Newest PEI Pizza Restaurant.

Newest PEI Pizza Restaurant.

The PEI Photography Club had it’s Christmas party Friday evening (December 5) at the start of which folks went out, alone or in groups, to shoot what they could find. Some of the photos taken that night are displayed on the Club’s Facebook page in the link in this paragraph.

There was a full moon, though not a completely clear sky, and it was C-O-L-D.  Whereas others had their tripods and shot long exposures, I tried for street photography with my Sony RX100III. Hand held. Unfortunately, here weren’t many people on the street! Since I was the party organizer, I was only able to shoot for about 45 minutes, and missed the blue hour.

This is the first shot I took once outside the door.

The full moon over houses on Water Street from the sidewalk in front of the Havilland Club.

The full moon over houses on Water Street from the sidewalk in front of the Havilland Club.

The Confederation Centre of the Arts (theatre, art gallery, library, restaurant, studios, dance space) is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.

The Holman Grand Hotel from the plaza of the Confederation Centre.

The Holman Grand Hotel from the plaza of the Confederation Centre.

The plaza around the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

The plaza around the Confederation Centre of the Arts.

None of these lights is particularly Christmasy, but at one corner the entire ground floor has a Christmas display of penguins, snowmen and other lighted characters.

In the window of a law firm's building.

In the window of a law firm’s building.

Have you seen the John Lewis video advertisement about Monty the Penguin? It is delightfully charming. I haven’t posted the video, but here is the link to the page where you can find it. (By the way, John Lewis is a British department store.)


17 comments on “Charlottetown Lights

  1. Awww. The John Lewis Christmas ads are legendary !

  2. buntymcc says:

    I’ve never seen a John Lewis ad before, being from Canada…

  3. HansHB says:

    Beautiful serie!

    • buntymcc says:

      Thanks Hans. It still doesn’t feel very Christmasy here, the little snow we had melted ages ago.

  4. Hi Buntymcc, great night photos, it is always tough to get out and enjoy and event when you are the organizer, but it looks like you had a pretty good evening. I have friends in PEI and I heard that it is beautiful, someday I hope to visit. 🙂

  5. Jean says:

    So by now, you haven’t had any snow yet? We’ve have had several waves of snow, melts off with dry prairie /chinook winds. Now it’s raining but I expect that should be snow maybe tomorrow or later.

    • buntymcc says:

      We were on the mild side of a storm this week and got lots of rain. Today it’s sunny and almost 10 degrees! So no, no snow.

  6. pix & kardz says:

    enjoyed your night shots. and those penguins are delightful. i had seen that ad before, but only because somebody had posted the link at their blog. really enjoyed it 🙂
    also a friendly tip – do you think you could either include a link to your blog on your gravatar, or else use the url for your current blog? it was a bit of a challenge to find you, as the url you included when you visited my corner was to an empty blog. also, if the url you leave is for your specific post, then it’s easier to find that too. just a thought, and no pressure 🙂
    thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • buntymcc says:

      Would you mind checking whether you can find me now. I think I updated my Gravatar!

      • kardz by kris says:

        Yes your Gravatar now provides a link to your blog. Thanks much 🙂

        • BuntyMcC says:

          Thanks for helping with that. It’s hard to know what other people see, especially if they don’t have a Gravatar or a WordPress account.

  7. buntymcc says:

    Thanks for the tips. I will try to figure out how to update Gravatar so that it includes my active blog’s home page, which is always my current post.

    • Hi again Bunty. Oh no prob, you are very welcome. To leave a link to a particular post, you can include it when you make a comment. You know how name and email address are required, and the URL/website is optional? Just take a copy&paste the link of your post in question into that URL field. Then anyone can find that specific post easily.

      • buntymcc says:

        Thanks for this too, Kris. I usually reply using ‘reply from my wordpress site’ because what I write as a comment has little to do with a particular post of my own. But I will keep that in mind.

  8. What a great little video. I didn’t blog read in December, so I’m — you know — catching up. 😉

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