Buildings from my Past – Edmundston NB

I grew up in Edmundston, New Brunswick. I have collected a few historical photos as people have posted them on Facebook. Most of the photos are unattributed, which is a shame. I will credit any posted here which are subsequently identified.

Cormier High School was first known as Edmundston High School.  It was built early in the 20th century; my father graduated from it, around 1925, as did I, in 1966.  It was replaced in 1972 and torn down more than a decade later. This photo was taken before additions at the back, made in the 1950’s; I’m guessing on that date.

Edmundston High School

Edmundston High School

Edmundston had a lovely post office with a clock tower, which was replaced around 1960 with….wait for it….a Woolworth’s store. The clock was salvaged and put it in a tower on the opposite corner.

Corner of Church Street and Canada Road..  Taken in 1936.

Corner of Church Street and Canada Road. Taken in 1936

The Edmundston Golf Club was a beautiful building, white outside and light coloured wood (probably pine) on the inside. It was built around the time the club was incorporated, 1931, and hosted the Canadian Amateur Golf Championship in 1956, won by Moe Norman.   It was remodelled that same year and burned in 1969.

Edmundston Golf Club, Clubhouse

Edmundston Golf Club, Clubhouse

I had preplanned and scheduled my post for the anniversary of the Halifax explosion of 1917, before the WordPress Photo Challenge for this week was announced. It too could have served for this week’s theme: Gone but Not Forgotten.



7 comments on “Buildings from my Past – Edmundston NB

  1. Nice touch on the theme, and I like photos that remind us of what it used to be. I’m struggling a bit with this week’s theme. I know that I have lots of old photos that I can weave stories around, but none of them are engaging with me at the moment.

  2. Jean says:

    I don’t think I have a photo of my own of my schools in Kitchener-Waterloo. I really did go to heritage school buildings at that time.

    For my high school, I was the yearbook editor towards tail end of my time there. And did research in the attic (yes there was one) among stuff. So the theme during my editorial year was the history of high school. Dancing was “walking” around the gym with the boys in 1920’s, school used be named Berlin High School. But changed to Kitchener because of WW II, etc.

    Now I realize….well, I could scan part of yearbook page….for a blog post one day.

    • BuntyMcC says:

      I’m in KW this week, for Christmas, and to visit my newest ‘grand’- but haven’t done much touring so don’t know where Berlin HS might have been!

      • Jean says:

        It’s called Kitchener Collegiate on King St.

        Check to see if the Waterloo Farmers’ Market is open this Saturday in St. Jacob’s. It’s worth a visit!

  3. Very nice I grow up there I graduated at cormier high school year 70and 71

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