Quebec City Streetscapes Upper Town

Quebec City September


All these photos were taken within the City walls.  Above is Rue St Louis and the two photos below are on Avenue St. Denis, just north of the Quebec Citadel.

Quebec City September

Quebec City September

And, after we had wandered all the way across the Plains of Abraham and back, the two photos below were (probably?) taken on Rue D’Auteuil, opposite the statues of international poets and thinkers shown in this post.

Quebec City September

Quebec City September


This may have been on rue St Jean, but by then I had lost my sense of direction other than knowing that downhill would eventually lead back to the ferry terminal and restaurants!

Quebec City September

As we walked by the ‘skyscraper’ building shown here, I overheard a tour guide say to his charges that the building had been modelled on the Empire State Building.  Note the Quebec flag with its Fleur de Lis on the top.

Quebec City September

Almost exactly one year before this we were in China, in Xi’an, whose flag (showing its famous bell tower which my tour DID NOT see!)  is flying on the left of the others on Quebec’s City Hall.  I can only presume that Quebec has some sort of a twinning relationship with Xi’an, Namur, Paris, Bordeaux, and Calgary.

Quebec City September





5 comments on “Quebec City Streetscapes Upper Town

  1. Yes, Xi’an and Quebec City are in fact twin cities. Great shots.

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