Between (the goal posts? Not!)

West Towers

West Towers

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England, April 2011

Photo taken from the walkway around the exterior of the dome.

The two western towers are topped with a pineapple – a symbol of peace, prosperity and hospitality. Near the top of the south-west tower is a clock, which was installed in 1893 and has three faces, each more than 5 metres in diameter. Above the clock hang Great Tom, the hour bell, and Great Paul, the largest swinging bell in Europe.

I was cheering for England in the World Cup. Alas, they failed to put much between the goal posts, so further progression for England is not to be.


8 comments on “Between (the goal posts? Not!)

  1. […] I do wander everywhereBetween (the goal posts? Not!) […]

  2. Been there, many years ago. Remember the creepy stairway at the top… But the view made it worth while.

  3. The last thing I would have guessed would top the tower would be a pineapple…how random!

  4. irishroverpei says:

    Wasn’t Sweeny Todds barber/pie shop near by.????

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