Chen Family Ancestral Temple

Old and not so new.

Old and not so new.

Day 19.  We flew from Guilin to Guangzhou (Canton! Who knew!) in the morning and visited this colourful and fascinating building.  The one in the foreground. The roof of the one in the background looks quite swish, even though the floors and windows below do not.

The Chen family ancestral temple is used by the Guangdong Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts to show the most characteristic Guangdong architecture.  Guangdong is a part of Guangzhou.

The roof is covered with statues and imagery for which I have no explanation, but the colours were marvellous.  I have brightened and saturated the photos as it was near to mid-day and mid-day photos are usually washed out.  The smog was considerably less that in the first half of our trip.







This one is my favourite.

This one is my favourite.


Next Chinese posts will show the interior corridors and the back garden.  The final post in this series will include art and museum items.

3 comments on “Chen Family Ancestral Temple

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  2. Wow, just think how long it probably took to complete that roof. Very colorful.

  3. buntymcc says:

    Let’s just hope the artisans got well paid!

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