Li River Light Show #2


Each actor’s lights came on one after the other in an even sequence as they crossed a particular point on the “stage” on the water. I have no idea how the technical side worked, but you didn’t need to know to appreciate the design, the choreography and the execution.

Each paper doll-like set of lights is a person.



There was no translation offered of the story or the commentary but the visuals were so strong you didn’t need them.
You can read more and see additional photos here.

This the story line: Liu Sanjie is a love story about a woman called Liu Sanjie, which means “third sister”. Her voice was so beautiful that it touched everyone. Born in Liuzhuo, she worked as a farmer’s daughter with her sister. The legend is that a warlord falls in love with Liu Sanjie but she has already fallen in love with a man from the village. The warlord does not accept this and kidnaps her but Liu Sanjie’s lover and friends in the village go to free her and the couple escape living happily ever after.



The show was designed and is directed by Zhang Yimau who also created and choreographed the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and has directed such famous Chinese movies as Raise the Red Lantern.


2 comments on “Li River Light Show #2

  1. Beautiful! I will be sharing this. Love the story line.

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