Li River Karst Hills


Yangshuo near Guilin China


Early one morning,

just as the sun was rising,

we took a bu-us to

the  lovely River Li.

And they're off....

And they’re off….



Standing at the bow.

Standing at the bow.


Smog or haze?

Smog or haze?

Back story:  The previous day our tour group had debarked from its cruise on the Yangtze, visited pandas at the zoo, People’s Square, and a shopping precinct before flying  from Chongqing to Guilin and taking a 90 minute bus ride from Guilin to Yangshuo.  This made for a very long day which made some of us very cranky (not me!)  We spent the night in Yangshuo in a typical tourist hotel. The hotels pictured below are on the other side of the street from ours, with cones of Karst behind them.


The tourist hotel strip.

The tourist hotel strip.


It was quite hazy and/or smoggy on the river and the distant Karst hills were quite faint. I’ve used Lightroom to add contrast and vibrance to the river scenes.

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