Lazy Three Gorges Tourism

Bus tours - get out of the way!  (Oh, that includes me!)

Bus tours – get out of the way! (Oh, that includes me!)

These first photos are from day one on the Yangtze Gorge tour upriver from Yichang, but before we reached the Three Gorges Dam.  The buses (above) seemed to be parked in the middle of nowhere, but perhaps that’s where the drivers go to get away from the passengers.

There was a morning tour off the boat but many of us declined the offer to take it.  After ten very busy days we were thoroughly enjoying the chance to just sit, watch, read, sketch or sleep.

These photos of the place where we stopped were taken from the boat.  Where were we?  Please comment if you know!

Tourism Fengje-3079

In the next photo there are a number of poles on the right which bear some similarity to west coast First Nation totem poles.

Tourism Fengje-3070

Tourism Fengje-3072

The next three photos were taken from the ship in the afternoon of our second day on the Yangtze after a morning tour of the upper gorges on a smaller boat. (Photos from that excursion will come later.) There was optional tour in this area but I didn’t go, instead attempting a watercolour of the tower and the buildings around it. (It didn’t turn out at all well!)  Is this Fengjie and the White Emperor City?

Tourism Fengje-3299

Tourism Fengje-3301

Tourism Fengje-3304

Next post: The Three Gorges Dam


2 comments on “Lazy Three Gorges Tourism

  1. The river water looks very green in the photos. I love the buildings along the shore.

    • buntymcc says:

      The green is partly because of the amount of limestone upstream, and I would expect there is also a lot of pollution. And you can’t have blue water when the river is reflecting a greenish grey smoggy sky!

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