Shanghai – 1948-49 and 2012

The Bund. Observant readers may recognize this photo from two posts ago.

The Bund. From 2013, not 1948.

While doing research for a photo assignment for a course I recently took, I happened upon photos taken in China in 1948 and 1949. The photographer was Henri Cartier Bresson, a famous photo journalist and one of the founders of Magnum Photos.   If you scroll down from the top of the page you will find “Selected Photo Essays” and you would pick: China 1948-49.  Photos 12-18 and 27-39 were taken in Shanghai.  Link here.

The second link is to a delightful short film on YouTube about Shanghai – through the eyes of a young girl who cannot imagine living anywhere but a big city – and about Prince Edward Island (where I live) – through the eyes of an older gentleman who never left his home province. The film is called ‘Here and Away‘ and was made in 2012.  The gentleman has since passed away.


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